NTRU 1.2 Release

Version 1.2 of NTRU was released May 20, 2012.

  • methods for verifying key pairs
  • _FAST variants of the EES encryption parameter sets
  • performance improvements
  • new sample programs: an Android sample app, and a program that demonstrates how to encrypt messages of arbitrary length using NTRUEncrypt and AES
  • protection against meet-in-the-middle attacks on the message when df and dr are close to N/3 (as is the case with the APR_ parameter sets)
  • license change to BSD
  • the constructors for loading a key from an input stream or byte array no longer require a parameter set to be passed in
Bug fixes:
  • fixed a critical bug in the NTRUSign key generator that negated the security-enhancing effect of perturbations
  • NTRUEncrypt implemented IEEE 1363.1 incorrectly in two places; this has been fixed
Note: Due to some of the above mentioned changes, output from this version is not compatible to earlier versions and vice versa.

Download NTRU 1.2:
Compiled .jar library
Java sources

Or view the download folder where you'll also find a README file.